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Subject Matter List

​ A. Investigative and Audit Records

  1. Complaint records, including written complaints and supporting documentation
  2. Investigative and audit work papers including investigator/auditor memorandum and analysis; audio recordings and transcripts of interviews; subpoenas and subpoena responses.
  3. Criminal, employment and other background data on subjects.
  4. Inter-agency and third-party communications, including referrals to agencies, prosecutors, and other entities.
  5. Investigative reports of other agencies.
  6. Final reports of investigation and agency responses.

B. Administrative Records

  1. Policy and procedure manual.
  2. Budget request and spending plan documents.
  3. Purchasing records.
  4. Staff travel expense records.
  5. Personnel files.
  6. FOIL request and appeal records.
  7. Litigation records.
  8. Vehicle usage records.
  9. Training records, including training of IG staff and training provided to outside entities.
  10. Staff confirmation of financial disclosure statement submissions.
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